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P-Lotus - I Changed (Official Video) 

Emotions (2018)


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Our Services

We offer music and visual production services by way of our recording studios, engineers, producers.

Music and Visual Production

Our engineers and producers help bring your vision to life at our recording studio locations. We offer services such as recording, mixing and mastering, video production and phogtography

We produce and promote live shows, concerts and tours with crowds of fans all across the country.

Live Show Promotion

We are the go to promotion company of northern Indiana and we work with venues and promoters worldwide to produce phenomenal events. We also provide concert and tour booking services for artists and labels.

Multi-Media Marketing

We provide multi-media marketing services that are designed to help build your brand and fanbase and deliver your message to the people that matter. We will help you find and implement the marketing strategy that is right for you. 


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